Registration Hold Information

Why is there a hold on my registration?

A hold was placed on your vehicle's registration for failure to pay the tolls accrued on the Selmon Expressway. To resolve this matter without further delay, please pay the total amount due by the due date listed on your notice.

How long does it take for the hold to be released or cleared at the DHSMV?

A release request is sent automatically to the DHSMV the following morning once your payment is processed. Please allow up to 72 hours for your hold to be released. For your convenience our website and IVR system are available to accept your credit/debit card payment 24 hours a day.

Can I check the status of my registration without speaking to an agent?
To check the status of your vehicle registration visit Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles - Vehicle Information Check
What if I am calling from the Tax Collector's Office and I need to make a payment?

When calling please have your account number and credit/debit card information available, as calls are answered in the order received.

Release requests are sent to the Tax Collector's office via fax machine as quickly as possible. Additional processing time may be required at the Tax Collector's office once the release request is submitted.

What should I do if I paid my outstanding balance but my registration is still on hold?

Invariably issues outside of our control prevent us from releasing a hold automatically. If this happens, please LOGIN to the THEA Collections Customer Service Center and submit a request using the Contact Us page of this site. Be sure to select "Registration Hold" from the Email Subject drop-down menu, and include a short message explaining the nature of the issue. A case number will be provided upon submittal.

Valor Intelligent Processing is a debt collector, and this is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.